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OKaLoka is a new service

... a location based service, as an app for iPhone and other handsets, or accessed here on the Web. On OKaLoka you can locate restaurants, shops, and other points of interest that are close to where you are now. You can then see if other OKaLoka users think these locations are OK.

OKaLoka ratings are symbol-based, which means that information is not primarily dependent on users' language skills. All users are invited to comment and to enter new points of interest, or "POIs".

OKaLoka lets you create your own private map with your POIs, locations that are OK or better, which you can then share with family and friends.

OKaLoka is also the framework for a game you can join if you like. Points earned while playing can be traded for offers and discounts at businesses on OKaLoka.

Your comments and suggestions about OKaLoka are very welcome! Register now to try!

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